Starting Your Own Food Business, The Series

Have you ever wanted to start a food business, but don't know where to begin?

We're here to help.

The Local Fare co-founders will coach you one-on-one so you can get your business off the ground! Don’t need to cover all the material? That’s fine…we will cater the sessions to fit your needs!

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"Overall the series was great. Lots of good info from websites to purchase packaging from to licensing requirements to insurance information, all the good stuff.  Michelle and Caroline are very encouraging and knowledgeable.  They also both went about their businesses totally differently so it's great to have both perspectives. The class kept me thinking about my business and what steps I could take next to keep moving forward. I left every class motivated to keep moving forward. Thanks a ton for all of your support and encouragement. It's been so helpful and such a great experience. I am really, really glad that I did the class!" -Mary L.

"I participated in the Local Fare's Staring a Food Business seminar and it was fantastic! Michelle and Caroline are very knowledgeable as they've recently gone through their own product launches. They are also very honest about their own successes and failures which makes it easier to have an open discussion about what's holding you back from launching your business. It was also a wonderful way to meet other food business people who are also in the early stages of launching their awesome products." - Amy L.


We're taking you behind the scenes to the nitty gritty, the good, the bad, the mistakes, the successes, and the work that goes into the every day life of running a small business. This 6-session program will take you from product validation to launching your product. Each session has a Q & A section where Michelle and Caroline will answer any specific questions you have.


Session 1: Validation | How to validate your food/beverage idea to ensure it's successful.

Have an idea but not sure if it will succeed? Don't have an idea just yet? Either way, we'll walk you through how to properly validate your ideas and products before going to market.

Session 2: Taking The Leap | Get past the hesitation and make the leap.

Starting a business is hard work, and it helps to be prepared. Caroline and Michelle will walk you through their tips and tricks for preparing to take the leap, and how to push yourself toactually make the move.

Session 3: Logistics/Basics | What you need to get started.

The hardest part of starting a business is actually starting. This session will walk you through the permits, certifications, licenses, and other needs for starting a food business in Massachusetts. You'll walk away with a checklist of everything you need to get going!

Session 4: Marketing & Sales | How to get your brand out into the world, and have people buy it.

We'll walk through pricing, sales methods, what works and what doesn't, social media, websites, email marketing, etc.

Session 5: Mistakes to Avoid. Setbacks. Doubt. | Get past it.

This week is one of the most important weeks, as we'll walk through how to conquer the doubt and uncertainty you'll run into along the way. Mindset is everything, and we'll teach you the common (and not so common) mistakes to avoid to get up and running as smoothly as possible.

Session 6: Launch, Growth, and Beyond!

How to ensure a successful launch and get your product and brand off the ground quickly and efficiently. Certain participants of the program will be invited to test our their products and concepts in The Local Fare Test Kitchen.